These timeless volumes offer an unprecedented account of New Norcia’s fascinating history since its inception as a mission in the mid-19th C.

You’ll also learn about the settlement of the early colony of Western Australia, which happened simultaneous to New Norcia’s establishment.

Meet the colourful characters that make up the story of New Norcia, its shift from a mission to a place of education and art, to its role as an icon of Western Australia today.

Issue No. 28, 2022

Worlds Apart: The Different Lives of Santos Salvado Letters from Santos Salvado to Rosendo Salvado, 1866–1879 by Judith McGuinness

The Reluctant Abbot: Dom Anselmo Maria Catalán Formation and First Year by Jim Longbottom

A Series of Guido Reni Copies in the Benedictine Community of New Norcia by Rafael Japón

Cathedral Folly: The Origin of the 1960 Plan to Build a Brutalist Style Cathedral at New Norcia by John Challis

The Abbey Press: New Norcia’s Printing and Publishing History by Joan Oakland

In Bibliotheca Monachorum by Peter Hocking

Archives & Special Collections at Curtin University Library by David Wells & Sally Laming

Telling Stories: Using the Beauty of the Old & New to Tell Stories for WA Museum Boola Bardip by Bobbie Bruce


Issue No. 27, 2021

A Person of Many Qualities: Francisco de Asís Marsá i Amigó by Marta Pérez Rey

Selvaggi or Nativi? European and Colonial Perspectives on the Encounter with the Other in the Experience of a Missionary in Nineteenth-century Western Australia by Federica Verdina & John J Kinder

A Photographic Encounter with Fr Lesmes Lopez OSB & His Collected Works at New Norcia by Jim Longbottom

Salvado & the Missionary Group of 1853 by Hilaire Natt

The Death and Funeral of Bishop Torres by Geoffrey Coad

Forty-nine Years: Judith Butler’s Story by Larrie Strautmanis

Giving Voice to the Silent Witnesses: The Photographic Collection in the New Norcia Archives by Geraldine Byrne

Vale Joy Legge by Dom Christopher Power, OSB


Issue No. 26, 2019

Benevolent Benedictines? Vulnerable Missions and Aboriginal Policy in the Time of AO Neville by Elicia Taylor

‘Moretti’: Racialised Children Caught Up in the Networkings of Print by Liz Conor

Analysis & Conservation of Two 17th Century Dutch Ecclesiastical Textiles by Ian D MacLeod & Rinske Car

‘Your Lordship, My Dearest Brother’: Letters from Santos Salvado to Rosendo Salvado, 1849–1866 by Judith McGuinness

New Norcia Into the 20th Century: Bishop Torres & Education at New Norcia 1901–1914 by Geoffrey Coad

The Abbey Press, New Norcia: History & Type Specimens of a Monastic Printshop by Claire Bolton

Salvado’s Faithful Companion, Bigliagoro by Larrie Strautmanis

James Walsh, Convict Artist in Western Australia by Robert Stevens

Fr Anthony Lovis, OSB, 1942–2019


Issue No. 25, 2018

‘Violence & Visionaries’: Jimmy Walsh & the ‘Templemore Miracles’, 1920 by John Reynolds

Imag(in)ing God: New Norcia’s Contemporary Religious Art Collection by Ted Snell

A Remarkable Couple: Mary Helen Pangieran & Benedict Cuper by Larrie Strautmanis

New Norcia Into the 20th Century: The Establishment of the Drysdale River Mission by Geoffrey Coad

The Map Collection: A Window into the Past by Andrew Walton

The Monastery Chronicle, 1911 by Geoffrey Coad (translator) and Fr David Barry, OSB (editor)

Dom Santos Salvado at New Norcia, 1869-1879 by Bob Reece

Some Observations on the Relationship of Melody & Text in Dom Stephen Moreno’s Adoro Te by Fr Robert Nixon, OSB

New Norcia Studies Journal 1993-2018: The First Twenty-five Years by Peter Hocking


Issue No. 24, 2017

‘My Never-forgotten Friend & Brother’: The Salvado–Bérengier Correspondence by Judith McGuiness

A Flood of Reflections: Mauro Rignasco’s Life Through Letters by Lawrence Rhoads

The Square Scroll: Blacksmithing at New Norcia by John Kagi

New Norcia Into the 20th Century: Torres’ Governance of New Norcia from 1901–1914 by Geoffrey Coad

With Eyes Fixed on Heaven…& the Bottom Line: The Spiritual & Economic Sustainability of New Norcia, a Town Like No Other by John Herbert, OSB, and Peter Hocking

Networks of Friendship & Family: Spanish Benedictine Women at New Norcia by Katharine Massam

Farming in the Town of New Norcia by Larrie Strautmanis

Remembering Them: New Norcia & WWI Research & Exhibition by Marina Baker


Issue No. 23, 2016

Salvado’s Archives: A Unique Legacy by Peter Hocking

The Well Diggers of New Norcia by Ross Bertinshaw

Voicing a Language: Italian & Italians in the New Norcia Archives by Federica Verdina

Print Impressions of the Yued Noongar in Salvado’s ‘Memorie Storiche’ Engravings by Liz Conor

Australia’s Spanish Bishops at the First Vatican Council by Peter Price

‘A Most Useful Contribution to Science’: Salvado’s Third Consignment of Noongar Objects & Italian Prehistoric Archaeology by Lucy Davidson and John Kinder

Cash, Convicts & Catholicism: Catholic Ministry to Convicts & Church-State Relations in Colonial Western Australia by Odhran O'Brien

Constructing Friendships with Letters: Some Observations on Friendship and its Linguistic Expression in the Correspondence of Rosendo Salvado’s Epistolary Network by Francesco de Toni

‘Nothing But a Noble Desire & a Beautiful Ideal’: Rosendo Salvado’s Final Report to Propaganda Fide (1900) by Stefano Girola

Rosendo Salvado’s Voyages Between Europe & Australia 1845–1899 by David Barry, OSB

George Russo, 1928–2015 by Bob Reece

Vale, Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Corgenven Bolton AO by Geraldine Byrne



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