This charming cottage has been restored and we are pleased to be able to welcome individuals who would like to spend their time at New Norcia in solitude. It is close to the monastic buildings so guests have easy access to the Oratory and Church for prayers and Mass. You have the option of having meals in the silence of the Monastery refectory or arrangements can be made to collect meals from the Guesthouse and take them back to the cottage.

Bookings to be made through the Guesthouse. Please note, this Hermitage is accommodation for 1 guest only to enjoy a retreat in solitude.


There is no fixed charge for your stay with us. However, we suggest a donation of $130 per night for bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bed and Breakfast is $60 per person per night, to add lunch is $35 per head or to add dinner is $25 per head.

For those with limited financial means or in special need, any contribution within your means would be welcome. We also hope that those who can afford to may subsidise others by donating more.

For further information or to make a booking please contact the Guesthouse Manager on 08 9654 8002 or