Normally we ask you to come for an initial visit for a period varying from a week to a month.

The next step is a period postulancy (3-12 months) during which you live, pray, and work with the community. It is a time for deeper discernment. Likewise, the community will use this time to assess your suitability to monastic life.

If you are accepted as a candidate, you are admitted as a novice for one year, during which you will study the Rule of St Benedict, the Constitutions of our Congregation, monastic spirituality etc. You are free to leave at any time during the novitiate, and we are free to ask you to leave.

At the end of the novitiate year, you may be admitted to temporary (simple) profession for a period of three years during which further studies may be undertaken e.g. some monks undertake a degree in theology, others focus more on practical skills.

After this three years of temporary profession, you would prepare for final (solemn) profession for the rest of your life.

Some monks are ordained priest, others are not. That depends on the community’s need for priests, as well as on the willingness of a monk to be ordained.

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For more information contact the Director of Formation - Abbot John Herbert on 08 9654 8018
or email Abbot John
Holy Trinity Abbey, New Norcia, Western Australia 6509.