New Norcia’s Archives is a private archive which exists to serve the monastery, its community and various stakeholders.

Researchers and members of the public are able to submit research enquiries, which may include requests for the electronic reproduction of images and texts. In some cases, the Abbot's permission will be needed before records are released.

However, following the large volume of research enquiries recently and in view of our limited resources, we have introduced a fee structure for Archival Research and Services of $25/hour, which is half the commercial rate. Our Archivist will be able to estimate the cost of your research request, and payment can be made after this conversation has taken place. The Archivist will also be able to advise on which types of research require the Abbot's approval and which forms need to be completed for submission to the Abbot.

Please submit initial research enquiries, before purchase, to Thereafter, you can purchase archival research services by clicking here.

Please note that the Archivist is unable to provide extended research assistance. However, increasingly the diaries, chronicles, photographs, maps, letters and reports from the New Norcia Archives are being made available in Journals and books, which can be purchased from our Museum & Art Gallery or online at